Our Company Culture

MCR's founding values remain strong

Team members across the country are united by these core principles



We will treat everyone with respect, honor our commitments, keep our word, trust others and be trustworthy. We will strive for fairness in all our actions and decisions.



We will promote an environment that encourages team members to openly communicate with each other. Management will timely and consistently communicate — both discussing goals and strategies and listening to ideas and concerns with each other and all team members.



We will treat team members, guests, vendors and owners in the manner that we would expect to be treated.



We have diverse strengths and abilities that make us valuable members of the team. We recognize our responsibility to perform our individual role to ensure the success of the team.



We will greet our guests with warmth and treat them with kindness. Our guests are important to us and our goal is to provide them with consistent service and value that makes them want to return to our properties.



We will encourage and reward risk taking, creativity and innovation. We will encourage others to share their ideas and take risks to do things differently. By taking risks, mistakes will happen and that’s okay — as long as we learn from them.



We will foster an environment for ourselves and fellow team members where learning, developing, having fun and growing ourselves is encouraged.



We have a desire to consistently improve the things we do to enhance teamwork, guest service, the quality of our properties and profitability. We will look for ways to increase revenue, reduce cost and eliminate waste. Team members are encouraged to find more efficient ways to run our business so that we can be a more profitable company.



We will address each challenge and opportunity with a smile and a positive attitude. Nothing is impossible with the right team and the right perspective. We will not be afraid to take chances, so long as we learn from our mistakes, and continuously strive to improve both ourselves and our organization. Our goal each day will be to approach each opportunity with a can-do attitude rather than a not-my-job, or that-isn’t-possible perspective.



In everything we do, we will strive to be attentive to detail and concerned about accuracy.