Hampton Inn Troy

Troy, AL

Living history! Located in the center of town, Hampton Inn in Troy, Alabama, is not only close to a charming historic district but some of the area’s biggest business and cultural hubs. The hotel is within a mile of Troy University, Movie Gallery Veterans Stadium and Troy Regional Medical Center, as well as an easy 20-minute drive from Lockheed Martin’s Pike County Operations facility.


Troy, AL


Hampton Inn & Suites


103 Troy Plaza Loop
Troy, AL 36081

Opening Date

February 2004




Southern Hospitality Guaranteed

Make yourself at home in one of the 82 pet-friendly guestrooms, which include free fast Wi-Fi, a mini refrigerator, a microwave and complimentary weekday newspaper delivery. Start your day right with fresh-baked waffles at the free hot breakfast, then get in some cardio at the outdoor pool or 24/7 fitness center. When it’s time to work, you have plenty of options including a 24-hour business center.

Step Back in Time

Troy is rich in history, and you can experience it firsthand with a trip to the Pioneer Museum of Alabama, home to a working blacksmith’s shop, a 19th century-style country store, and 15 acres of beautiful woodland. Or, take a short drive to the city’s historic district to check out the stunning antebellum homes.